What Is A Fetus? Stages Of Development Of The Baby

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fl25bv5 in changemyview on 20 Mar 20 (1pts):
Free electricity for Bitcoin farming!
fkycr08 in videos on 19 Mar 20 (1pts):
Anthropologists arent know nothing about diseases.
fky4ede in worldnews on 19 Mar 20 (-1pts):
Why aren't you a Christian? You sound dumb


fmvdv2 in changemyview on 22 Mar 20 (1pts):
CMV: Having an abortion for convenience after the fetus has developed a cerebral cortex is unethical.
fmln5y in islam on 21 Mar 20 (1pts):
Is the punishment for leaving death?
fmlc3g in financial on 21 Mar 20 (1pts):
Is now a good time to get a margin?
fjwnl5 in islam on 17 Mar 20 (1pts):
Are you killed if you end up leaving the religion.
fht1dm in uvic on 13 Mar 20 (1pts):
How do I check my class sizes?
fgigln in islam on 10 Mar 20 (1pts):
Are you killed if you leave the religion?
fghj7r in Ethics on 10 Mar 20 (0pts):
Are laws against statutory rape unethical?
fg1k64 in changemyview on 09 Mar 20 (0pts):
CMV: Laws against statutory rape are unethical.
feq1g4 in islam on 07 Mar 20 (0pts):
Are you killed if you leave the religion?
fenqbz in help on 07 Mar 20 (1pts):
It won't let me post here?
fei90m in help on 06 Mar 20 (0pts):
Why is automod discriminating against me?
fei0jt in gaming on 06 Mar 20 (1pts):
Fun mobile games?
fd08vk in AskHistory on 03 Mar 20 (9pts):
Why are so many people in history classes happy about statues and other historic objects being removed?
fbk366 in korea on 29 Feb 20 (0pts):
Why do Koreans often commit suicide if they make a mistake?
fahjhd in AskHistorians on 27 Feb 20 (0pts):
Why are so many people in history classes happy about statues and other history being censored?
fa5nut in chemistry on 27 Feb 20 (1pts):
Any good chemistry help forums/subreddits?
f9z91i in history on 26 Feb 20 (1pts):
History students wanting to remove statues?
f7hjis in books on 21 Feb 20 (0pts):
A lot of people seem to just read for escapism.
f4ttql in technology on 16 Feb 20 (3pts):
Will quantum computers largely erase user privacy?
f43v2j in vegan on 15 Feb 20 (0pts):
You can't be vegan if you're Catholic.
f43mpt in biology on 15 Feb 20 (0pts):
If vegans care so much for the environment, why don't they advocate for the death of all animals?
f43f4l in vegan on 15 Feb 20 (0pts):
Ethically speaking, eating a plant is no different from eating an animal.
f42wfz in biology on 15 Feb 20 (0pts):
Why people care about environment?
f3k2k5 in deadbydaylight on 14 Feb 20 (0pts):
Add the Pope as a killer.
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Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology are a Global Phenomenon!!!!!!!!!

So this has me thinking how early are we on full scale global adoption??? Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are not doubt about it a invention to this world. And like all inventions and technology when enough human minds are on this working together creating ideas, evolving the new technology that is now being discovered it gets me back to my original question, How early are we with full scale adoption. This is a global phenomenon that is a fetus yet to be born onto the world and change cultures, governments, societies. This is going to connect the world even more so with technology. This is going to give poor people all over the world no matter where they were born or what dictatorship they live under a chance to reconnect to the world and with each other to not only accumulate ASSETS, and create wealth but also connections to a market to live a good day. To survive in this cold world where no one give a fuck about you not really and it is survival of the fitness out here in the crazy world. Step back and see the world for what it is and how we got here and where we are going? We are all one made from atoms and energy call it spirit or soul, call it matteenergy it a phenomenon to think of the possibilities of live and existence. Can we all live together and make this world a utopia society all connected regardless of nationality, race, culture countries. We are on a planet that we share with nature, animals, energy. We are conscious to are own existence of our mortality. We are the universe consciousness that see its own creation and wow it is BEAUTIFUL. Will cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology be the answer to save ourselves from ourselves???? to answer that is to understand what is this invention?? Bitcoin is the first of its kind to take adoption and first of its kind to introduce the world to blockchain technology. What Bitcoin is trying to do is a lot of things. First I believe bitcoin is a digital asset that has value in its belief with the people. It belief that it has value and will continue to have value because the people say so and this has no borders, doesn't care about your race, color or creed. Bitcoin is connecting us as human beings on a dying planet facing our own extintion and our own mortality. Critics of bitcoin will say what kind of value first the PEOPLE decided it has value and willing to buy and sell a digital currency asset. how can you classify bitcoin a asset? The blockchain technology behind bitcoin, as well as acceptance GLOBALLY, connectting the world though the internet through a technological world and the power of blockchain technology behind it where it keeps cryptocurrencies 100% secured to its owner in which a advanced version of blockchain technology has created from ONTOLOGY and NEO. I saw a video of Da Hongfei the co founder and creator of NEO and the CEO i believe for Onchain in which Ontology came from THEY ARE A FAMILY, THEY ARE THE ECO SYSTEM FOR A SMART ECONOMY. Ontology will bring data and Identity to its platform and blockchain technology and bring data itself where only 1% is on the blockchain right now and in 5-10years 100% of data in the world will be on the BLOCKCHAIN and ONTOLOGY AND NEO will be the one that puts it all together and connects the world and can it save us from our inevitable destiny? So back to bitcoin is first of its kind on this new invention and now with great grand minds coming together from all over the world what you see next is advancement of the evolution of technology. NEO is a non profit community that brings developers, community with TRUST and is creating a eco system to PUT THE POWER BACK INTO THE PEOPLE. Ontology is going to be right next to NEO with Identity and you as a human being right to have ownership of these assets of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. They are doing it right in KYC Know Your Customer where the whales and market manipulators don't give the everyday people a chance to get in on this ICO and take ownership. ALL CRYPTOCURRENCIES ARE SO UNDERVALUED. In reference to the ones run legitimately with strong teams, proof of work and trying to disrupt change in the whole system that has fuck us. Oh but that is all now going to change. The power is coming back to the people and it is A UNSTOPABLE FORCE and our government and most importantly our financial system that has put the United States in $21+ trillion dollars in debt. They have borrowed money and printing so much money to the world that make no mistake about it the world #1 world currency is the American Dollar. But how much value is in 1 American Dollar? I ask the same critics that criticize Bitcoin of value. Well yes we as people on this earth give it value in its belief. But can we believe in that government funds wars and has there own agenda but at the same time protect its people and we are the people that need to take the power back. Fiat currency is back by empty promise, it is a ponzi pyramid scheme that got off the gold standard. Whenever you put $1 into your bank, the financial institution get to loan out 10x that amount to its other customers and include negative interest. How the fuck did we get into $21 trillion dollar debt what the fuck. I got news for you USA, that is your own debt and other Countries who turn and mass adopt Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology will be in the forefront to lead us as human beings on Earth. After all we are in a infinite universe with infinite possibilities I would like to write more and more of my thoughts and express myself and beliefs and you can donate whatever helps so I can pay it forward thank your if you read my words and thoughts BTC:1CSQjrfJoRQ2Xgku9EXEs7s4FmcPAkYmbq NEO:AHQ7iT9BN9EC4c2T5QJGZbT2L2Gub1D5BN LTC:Leem9ChsUgRW8h2j5QpEep6exmnv7zYEB2 ETH:0x1ddBA7E044ef64Ff3Dd0E566822f8CDb156EBF79
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The Earth is a growing brain and we are the neurons that will power it. I can see it now.

I have had a stunning moment of clarity and I've got some good news and some bad news for you. The good news: if you get involved in cryptocurrency at this point in time, you will eventually be wealthy beyond your wildest dreams. The bad news? You are also about to live in an age where being wealthy will not mean the same thing it used to, and neither will luxury.
Cryptocurrency is necessary for more reasons than most can imagine. We are (whether we realize it or not) advancing a set of rules for how power and information will be directed on a global scale in the coming information revolution.
The future is one where we aren't worried about material things because our fundamental survival needs will be exceeded. As well, the toils of our physical labor will no longer be necessary in the coming robotics revolution. Most manual labor will become obsolete.
Then where do we go from here? The answer is not to extend our current trajectory outward towards what appears to be the logical next step. Instead we must take this trajectory in a direction that seems preposterous at the moment, but as with all advances in civilization will be obvious in retrospect.

Booting Up The Machine

Connectivity... energy... communications... think of the first tenuous strands of neural matter in a baby's brain wrapping together. Consider how as the child grows in the womb the network comes together and lights up with energy, firing randomly as it tests its own limits and explores all the ways in which it is connected.
Our species is doing the same thing!
Those first telegrams were the first 'lights' of our neural network firing off, sending tiny bits of data at long range for the first time. Before that our species was the equivalent of prokaryotes all swimming around selfishly, and forming tiny and specialized networks at best in the harsh soup of its existence.
But the hyper-expansion of global communications? This is something infinitely more powerful. This is the first fully formed global brain, and it will be capable of feats so many orders of magnitude from our current prokaryotic nature as to render a comparison impossible.
We are that brain, and we are the neurons that will power it. Right now we send pieces of data to each other on the order of kilobytes and megabytes, each of us connected to anywhere from ten to a thousand others. Some of us are more useful (or popular) nodes than others and have millions of connections. Some become dead weight and cull ourselves through isolation.
Imagine once our capabilities grow several orders of magnitude from this point. Yes, gigabit fiber is next but let's go further. Imagine having the technology to communicate at terabits or petabits per second and easily connecting to as many other "nodes" in the global brain as you have value to share. Now realize that most humans (nodes) aren't even performing anywhere near full capacity!
We've got billions of us that are not even wired up to this future global brain that have yet to come online! And even if there are small differences in our minds, every human brain added to this global super-brain makes us exponentially more powerful and productive.
What marvels will our civilization be able to produce once we aren't a scattered and disorganized petri-dish of prokaryotes anymore? Imagine directing our energies at a common goal instead of chomping at whatever local gunk we can get our hands on. Imagine transforming into an efficient super-network of intelligence which criss-crosses in a quadrillion different ways, each providing some small area of expertise to the whole.

Enter cryptocurrency

Every system needs rules. Every system needs a way to distribute resources and influence. And every system can't rely on infallible nodes within it to manage those systems.
Cryptocurrency (like bitcoin) will provide the backbone for how we as a global brain will distribute our efforts. You need to understand that once we enter this upcoming knowledge age the focus won't be on becoming the best prokaryote on the block anymore... no. Instead you will bask and revel in the accomplishments of the whole superorganism and your own happiness will be in direct proportion to its progress.
Guys, we're about to be born. Think about what that means. If the Earth in is current state is a fetus that is still putting together all the pieces of the infant it will one day become, just imagine when our global hive mind is capable of truly comprehending its environment for the first time. You can try to imagine the nature of our reality, but the fact is that we haven't even scratched the surface of what will be possible once this global network truly gets started.
Cryptocurrency is going to help ensure that useless nodes do not carry much influence in the super organism, and valuable nodes carry a lot. "Money" in this civilization 2.0 is going to be much more than just a debt ledger. In an age where luxury is freely available and all needs are met, money is going to be a vote towards the future of our civilization. Democracy and money will fuse into one common language!
The institutions of the prokaryotes aren't going to know what hit them. I haven't even begun to fathom how artificial intelligence, biological uploading/immortality, and potential energy revolutions are going to factor into this.
The future isn't going to just be amazing... it's going to be so mind boggling that if you really could 'peek' at the year 2115 your simple prokaryotic mind wouldn't even be able to register the scale of what civilization has become.
To borrow a metaphor from my favorite YouTube video about black holes (made possible by the tiny spark of a global brain we currently are using):
Gross potential of our civilization in 1915 at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution: https://youtu.be/QgNDao7m41M?t=1m35s
Gross potential of our civilization in 2015 at the dawn of the Digital Revolution: https://youtu.be/QgNDao7m41M?t=2m3s
Gross potential of our civilization in 2115 after another century of developing our global brain: https://youtu.be/QgNDao7m41M?t=2m25s
I am confident that if any of us could truly glimpse the future we wouldn't call it 'amazing" or 'cool'. I'm fairly certain the words we would use would be more along the lines of 'dizzying', 'unimaginable', and 'terrifying'.
Hold onto your butts. We might even live to see it.
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[Saturday, April 11th] Rand Paul pledges to end NSA mass surveillance if elected president, Oklahoma votes to use nitrogen gas for executions, and Russia outlaws celebrity memes


















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During its 16th week of development, a fetus will be starting to form facial expressions, and its nervous system will be growing. The fetus weighs around 2 and a half ounces (oz), and you may be ... The control embryos on Earth developed to normal blastocysts, but in the space flight group, none of the embryos showed any sign of development, and all degenerated (Schenker & Forkheim, 1998) . A more reliable experiment was done on the Cosmos 1129 mission in 1979, when mature male and female rats were sent into orbit and then allowed to intermingle in a common breeding chamber (Serova ... Watch breaking news videos, viral videos and original video clips on CNN.com. It is all still in the infant, or maybe fetus stage. I expect nothing but overall trends upward. When you will really start to see making or breaking will be when wide adoption of use plays out for some and not others. Last edited: Feb 19, 2018. Industry Affiliation: Folsom. 853guy Active Member. Feb 19, 2018 #445. Aug 14, 2013 1,161 4 38. Feb 19, 2018 #445. Folsom said: It is all still in the ... Bitcoin and mining.. What is blockcypher! Rupee crashed! COS info. Internet security technologies. Anthony watson md. How is currency made in america. Crypto currencys. How do you get 208 volts. Human therapeutics. Replacement unlimited china. Browden. Edward choi. Okex platform wikipedia. What is cryptocurrency xmr wallet how to creatw a favicon. Zebpay altcoin. Cofound.it review. Bitcoin and ...

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